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About CPEG

The “International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics (CPEG)” is a quadrennial event organized under the auspices of the Technical Committee TC215 (Environmental Geotechnics) of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), with a focus on coupled processes (e.g., chemical-physical, bio-physical, multiphase flow, etc.) in environmental geotechnics.

The first symposium of the series was held in Torino (Italy) in 2013, and the second one in Leeds (UK) in 2017.

The third symposium, CPEG2020, is conjointly organized by the Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS) and Kyoto University, it will be held at Kyoto University’s main campus on October 20-21, 2021 (new date), and welcomes submission from all over the world.

Symposium Themes

1. Coupled Processes

E.g., improved understanding of coupling of any natural and/or anthropogenic thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical-bio-gas processes within soils and rocks, biogeochemical processes for improving or stabilizing soils, multi-phase flow, etc.

2. Soil-Atmosphere Interaction

E.g., role of vegetation in sustainable management of slopes and geostructures, vegetation controls on urban flooding, geotechnics of the soil critical zone: creation or restoration of full soil functionality, etc.

3. Surface Containment

E.g., landfill liners and environmental barriers, gas generation and extraction, capping systems for landfills and polluted sites, etc.

4. Clean-up and Remediation

E.g., novel characterization of contaminated sites, pollutant retardation and degradation processes, active barriers for polluted sites, bio-remediation of metals and radionuclides, natural attenuation and enhanced bioremediation of organic pollutants, etc.

5. Waste Geotechnics

E.g., waste characterization, radioactive waste disposal, carbon capture and storage, waste degradation and settlement, mining and mineral extraction wastes, etc.

6. Energy Geotechnics

E.g. energy geo-storage and geo-structures, numerical methods in energy geotechnics, geoenvironmental aspects of energy geotechnics, geosynthetics in energy applications, geotechnical challenges for energy infrastructure, etc.

7. Bio-inspired/mediated Geotechnics

E.g., hazard mitigation, environmental protection and restoration, ground improvement, etc.

8. Reclamation

E.g., environmental aspects of land reclamation, soil improvement, ground stabilization and its effects on contamination, coastal landfills, etc.

9. Others

Other related themes not included in the previous eight.

Key Dates

Call for Abstracts: Sep 30, 2019
Abstract Deadline: Nov 30, 2019
Abstract Acceptance: Dec 31, 2019
Paper Deadline: Mar 15, 2020
Paper Acceptance: Jun 30, 2020
Symposium: Oct 29-30, 2020
Oct 20-22, 2021 (new date)

If the authors wish to update their already accepted manuscript, they can do so by May 30, 2021, by sending the updated manuscript directly to the organizer (

New submissions may also be accepted with the schedule of February 28 for manuscript submission and June 30 for final submission after peer review. Prior contact to the organizer ( is required.

Registration Fee

The early-bird registration fee is set to be 40,000 yen (approximately USD 370 or 340 Euro). This will cover 4 coffee breaks, 2 lunches, and 1 gala dinner during the 2-day conference. There is a high probability, though, of that fee being lowered, as we are working hard on obtaining additional funding to make this a more inclusive conference. We will inform of any change through this website.

Organizing Committee

Takeshi Katsumi (Chair, Kyoto University)
Giancarlo Flores (Co-secretary, Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología UTEC)
Atsushi Takai (Co-secretary, Kyoto University)
Kazuto Endo (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Toru Inui (Osaka University)
Ken Kawamoto (Saitama University)
Hideo Komine (Waseda University)
Kenichi Maeda 
(JGS International Secretary, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Hirotoshi Mori (Yamaguchi University)
Toshifumi Mukunoki (Kumamoto University)
Tetsuo Yasutaka (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST)

TC215 Technical Advisory Committee

Malek Bouazza (Chair)
Kerry Rowe (Vice-Chair)
Andrea Dominijanni (Secretary)
50+ Members (Nominated and Corresponding Members)

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