Symposium Details

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Keynote Speakers and Titles

[To be announced]


Symposium Themes

1. Coupled Processes

  • Improved understanding of the coupling of any natural and/or anthropogenic thermohydro-mechanical-chemical-bio-gas processes within soils and rocks
  • Biogeochemical processes for improving or stabilizing soils
  • Multi-phase flow

2. Soil-Atmosphere Interaction

  • Role of vegetation in sustainable management of slopes and geostructures
  • Vegetation controls on urban flooding
  • Geotechnics of the soil critical zone: creation or restoration of full soil functionality

3. Surface Containment

  • Waste characterization
  • Landfill liners and environmental barriers
  • Gas generation and extraction
  • Waste degradation and settlement
  • Capping systems for landfills and polluted sites
  • Mine and mineral extraction wastes

4. Waste Geotechnics

  • Waste characterization
  • Radioactive waste disposal
  • Carbon capture and storage

5. Clean-up and Remediation

  • Novel procedures for the characterization of contaminated sites
  • Pollutant retardation and degradation processes
  • Active barriers for polluted sites
  • Bioremediation / bio-management of metals and radionuclides
  • Natural attenuation and enhanced bioremediation of organic pollutants
  • Contaminant extraction from polluted soil

6. Energy (to be coordinated by TC308)

  • Thermal properties of soils and rocks
  • Energy geostructures
  • Shale gas exploitation


Organizing Committee

Takeshi Katsumi (Chair, Kyoto University)
Giancarlo Flores (Co-secretariat, Kyoto University)
Atsushi Takai (Co-secretariat, Kyoto University)
Kenichi Maeda (JGS International Secretary, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Toru Inui (Osaka University)
Hideo Komine (Waseda University)
Ken Kawamoto (Saitama University)
Tetsuo Yasutaka (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Hirotoshi Mori (Yamaguchi University)
Kazuto Endo (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Toshifumi Mukunoki (Kumamoto University)


Technical Advisory Committee

Malek Bouazza (Chair: Australia)
Abir Al-Tabbaa (UK)
Maria Eugenia Boscov (Brazil)
Marcelo Sanchez Castilla (USA)
Pierre Delage (France)
Andrea Dominijanni (Italy)
Itai Einav (Austrailia)
Evelina Fratalocchi (Italy)
Antonio Gens (Spain)
Tomasz Hueckel (USA)
Stephan Jefferis (UK)
Lyesse Laloui (Switzerland)
Xikui Li (China)
Mario Manassero (Italy)
Catherine Mulligan (Canada)
Charles Ng (Hong Kong)
C. Guney Olgun (USA)
Cesar Pasten (Chile)
Jean-Michel Pereira (France)
Krishna Reddy (USA)
Kerry Rowe (Canada)
Vernon Phoenix (UK)
Devendra Narain Singh (India)
Kenichi Soga (UK/USA)
David Taborda (UK)
Hywel Thomas (UK)
Antonio Thomé (Brazil)
Albert T. Yeung (Hong Kong)