Template for Paper Submission

Authors whose abstract proposals have been accepted, are invited to submit their papers through the same ISSMGE Conference Review Platform website used to submit all abstracts (https://www.issmge.org/publications/review-platform). Use the same username/password combination to find a list of all submissions.

If your proposal has been accepted, you should prepare your full manuscript using the following template (MS Word and PDF files contain the same instructions, though you can directly use the MS Word file to work on your manuscript):

After finishing your manuscript, and once ready to upload it to the ISSMGE Conference Review Platform, use the following checklist to confirm that all format requirements have been met, which will help minimize the chances of your paper being rejected for editorial reasons:

As previously instructed, the deadline for paper submission will be March 15th. Please, plan your time accordingly.

As with all CPEG symposiums, all submissions will be subject to a peer-review process, so you may be required to modify and improve your manuscript after submission. All final manuscripts will be published in an open-access JGS Special Publication with individual DOI numbers.

Also, as an official ISSMGE TC215 event, jointly organized by JGS and Kyoto University, authors of selected papers will be invited to revise their manuscriptsfor possible publication in renowned journals such as ‘Soils and Foundations‘ and ‘Environmental Geotechnics‘.

Remember that by submitting an abstract you have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. If accepted, at least one author will be available to present the paper.
  2. To create a vibrant environment, it is expected that every accepted paper is presented by a different registered author or co-author.
  3. Papers should only be submitted to CPEG2020 with the permission of all the named authors. Submission of a paper is taken as permission by all authors to publish.

Also, by submitting your manuscript, you accept, on behalf of you and of your co-authors, the release form required to produce the symposium proceedings via a JGS Special Publication using J-Stage, as described in: http://bit.ly/CPEG2020-Release

We look forward to receiving your manuscript but, more than that, we look forward to meeting with you in Kyoto for what will surely be a vibrant scientific event in the old capital of Japan!

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