About CPEG2020 and TC215

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CPEG2020 is organized by ISSMGE TC215 (Technical Committee 215 on Environmental Geotechnics) whose purpose is to spread the state-of-the-art and -practice of the main areas of Environmental Geotechnics to practitioners and researchers working in this field, as well as individuals in other professional areas (e.g., chemical engineering, environmental engineering). The TC215 is devoted to a number of activities such as organizing and supporting technically the main workshops and conferences on these topics, setting up task forces meant to disseminate knowledge in this field, to promote new initiatives, to increase participation at local and global events related to the geo-environment, to encourage international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

CPEG2020 is being organized with these goals in mind.

You can find further information about the work of TC215 at our official website:


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